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"Mega Mare - Book Pone" by NLTM

And Twilight’s up next, rounding out the Unicorn Supremacy 

The whole Scientist aspect of Twilight isn’t used as much as it should be in the show, and is one of the things I like a lot about the FiM universe - that magic is very much a science, and the way Twilight studies it, she is very much a scientist. Plus all the fancy machines she has in a few episodes. So I tried to make the song more science-y than magic-y. 

When you beat Twilight she’d give you the Heatman-style charge shot. The more you charge it up, the bigger (and more purple) it is. It’d be strong against Applejack and weak against Pinkie. (And since I didn’t mention that with Rarity’s, the shield is strong against Rainbow Dash and weak against Applejack).

(Track art by pix3m)

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