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"Spitshot - Sonata" by NLTM

Another Spitshot song, more demonstration of the layering. The drum track is the same as Step at the beginning - it being neutral, but then slowly becomes more distinct as the character’s theme shows through.

"Spitshot - Step" by NLTM

This is how I imagine themes in Spitshot going.

As the crowd leans in your favor, your character’s theme would take on more and more layers. This would happen at 20% approval, 40%. 60%, and 80%, culminating in a match win at 100%. This can go both up or down, so you can both gain or lose layers.

"Midnight" by NLTM

One more song from the same project as These Things and that’ll probably be the last I post about it for a while.

"Dawn" by NLTM

Another thing from the same project as Evening I posted the other day.

"Evening" by NLTM

Have a song for a project I’m working on.

"Greenhorn Forest - Funkpunch" by NLTM

I’ma Wario
I’ma gonna win!

Wario World is a really underrated game and it has one of my favorite songs for Wario, Greenhorn Forest. I wanted to make it funkier and punchier, because Wario is very funky and very punchy.

"Gravity Falls, Oregon" by NLTM

Gravity Falls is back and it’s one of my favorite shows and the theme is really great so I decided to mess around with it.

"Thorntail Hollow" by

Star Fox Adventures is an underrated game. I feel like it would have been regarded better if it had stuck as Dinosaur Planet and didn’t have Fox in it at all. It would be a pleasant and charming Zelda-like.

The music is also really nice. I decided to arrange one.

"Big Brother" by NLTM

Commission for davey-u for their Homestuck land The Land of Nerves and Glare.

You too can commission me, if you wanna

"Crystal Palace" by NLTM

Keep the train rolling.

Shooting Star Summit

Lavalava Island

Crystal King Battle

And maybe commission me, if you wanna.